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Hey Everyone, Happy Friday! Yay for the weekend!

So today I wanted to talk to you about a classic: the little black dress. It's one of the more important staples to have in every woman's closet. Whip this baby out for any special occasion and feel like a million bucks! With a bright red lip or a fun accessory, it's an outfit that will not go unnoticed by others. The key to finding "the one" is to find the right style for your body type. Now I know most people dread heading into a dressing room with 15 different styles of dresses, but if you are looking to spend money on a dress, you want to spend it on something that is going to flatter you figure. Here are a few examples of different dresses that flatter many different body types.

Petite: You're going to want to go for something that is going to elongate your figure. Something that is form fitting but not too tight. A dress that hugs your hips is perfect! I wouldn't recommend wearing a dress longer then your knees, because the goal is to make your legs look as long as possible! Something as simple as this is perfect for you! 

 A celebrity who wore it right? Kristin Chenoweth. (picture on right) At only 4'11" she truly makes with what she has. In this picture she is wearing an above the knee, cap sleeved dress that has a slight tulip shaped skirt. With the gorgeous jeweled design, it compliments her body and shows off her legs without showing too much of them. Just because you're short doesn't mean the dress HAS to be too. Classy is key people! It also helps that Kristin is wearing a mere 5...maybe 6 inch pair of heels to boost her height a little bit too. ;)

Curvy: Your hips don't lie? Great! Accentuate them by wearing a dress that skims the middle to the bottom of your knees and flares out into more of a full skirt. It pulls away from the hips, flattering your figure in every way. Compliment the fullness of the skirt with some sort of sleeve up top. Whether it be a halter, or half sleeves, anything that would balance out the dress to flatter your hourglass figure.Something as simple as this would flatter you because a belt would help define the skinniest part of you, while it accentuates your curves properly. 

A Celebrity who wore it right? Jennifer Hudson. She's wearing a sheer, flowy black dress, which is belted at the waist. It defines her skinniest part, leaving the rest of the fabric to flow effortlessly over her hips. It gives the perfect hourglass look!

Plus size: Let out your inner fashionista. Show off your curves girl! There's so many great dresses out there that will flatter your body type too! :) A flowy fabric that isn't too tight will make you feel confident and will compliment your figure. Go for a dress that ends about mid knee cap to below the knee. A dress with sleeves like this one will proportionate yourself with the bottom half of the skirt.

A celebrity who wore it right? Adele! Confident and fabulous, she rocks the half sleeve, geometric neckline frock that ends just below the knee. Tight enough to show off her body by hugging her curves and simple enough to be beautiful without any outrageous accessories.

Tall: Show off your legs! Dresses with different textures and beading is definitely the way to go. Since you're going to want to show off your height, you don't need a super long dress. Anywhere from your mid-thigh to your knee cap sounds about right. A shift dress similar to this is a great style for you tall girls because it gives your body some sort of dimension, so you don't look too lanky and thin.

A celebrity who wore it right? Taylor Swift! A combination of both a lace detail across the top and a sparkly bottom half that ends mid-thigh shows off her legs *although not pictured* and show off the figure that she has.

What style dress do I wear? Well, although I am about average height, I have a very petite build. I have to choose pieces that show the length in my legs, but also flatters my smaller frame up top. Something that cinches in at the waist or has a more form fitting bottom looks best on me. The picture on the right shows one of my favorite black dresses that I own. It has a jeweled neckline and is a really simple stretchy fabric that hits right above the knee. It's simple, flattering and very comfortable. I would wear this to a party or out on a fancy dinner with the fam. :) Although, if I can find a dress that creates an illusion for my body then I immediately reach for that. Like this one here (below). It isn't all black, but it has black in it ok? :) With a pink belt cinched in at the waist, it creates an illusion that I have bigger hips then I actually do, giving me a little bit more of an hourglass shape. Which is always a plus. ;) 

So this concludes my guidelines for what fit and style is best for your body type! I didn't cover every single style, nor every single body type, because there are just so many out there. At the end of the day, what matters is what makes YOU feel most beautiful in. If there's a dress that you try on and you think you look hot, THEN BUY IT! Odds are others will agree! Not sure where to start searching? Here is a website filled with TONS of different styles that could get you started.

Let me know in the comments below what you guys think of this and what your favorite little black dress style is. :)


xoxo- Kristin

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