Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's Been Sparkling Lately? Bright Lips!

Hey girls!

So today I wanted to talk to you guys about a very trending topic at the moment: vibrant lip colors! I've been seeing them everywhere! From celebrities on the red carpet to people I pass by in the hallways. It's so fun and it's a perfect touch to any neutral dress or casual outfit.

One thing that I found helpful while pulling off a bright lip is that putting on eyeshadow primer as a base. Just like it would with your eyes, it gives the product something to hold on to so it won't smudge off throughout the day. This leaves you feeling more confident knowing that you won't have only half of your lipstick on by the time third period roles around. Another quick tip is to line your lips with the lipstick your going to use with a lip brush. it may seem like a waste of time, but it makes the application a lot cleaner and will give you a line to follow when you're applying the lipstick freehand.

Bright lips are a great pop of color to add to your day, but you want to make sure your using it in moderation. If you want a bright lip one day, keep your eyes a more neutral color. You want to have one statment look on your face at one time. So refrain from wearing a bright coral lip and a sparkly winged liner together on the same day. You don't want to pull out all of your tricks at once!

What's your favorite spring Lipstick color? Tell me in the comments below!

Kristin :)


  1. I nominated you for Versatile Blogger on my blog :)


    1. thank you so much! You are so sweet! :) We really appreciate it so much! <3