Monday, September 17, 2012

What's in my School Makeup Bag

Hi Ladies! Long time, no post!

So today I thought I would show you all what necessities I keep in my makeup bag for school. In my town specifically, the weather seems to change daily during the fall season. One day you're in shorts and a tank top sweating profusely and the next day you're in a sweater wishing you were curled up in a ball in bed. Our school is also very awkwardly heated so some rooms are much hotter then others. Keeping makeup easily accessible in my backpack gives the the opportunity to do little touch ups throughout the day to make sure I'm looking and feeling my best. 

The first thing I have is a mini bottle of lotion. I always make sure I have lotion with me because I get dry spots on my face and specifically around my nose that get really flakey in the fall, so when I get the chance to put a little lotion on it to sooth it i do. I sometimes get the chance when Im changing for gym :) 

The next thing I like to keep with me at all times is at least one concealer and a powder. When it's hot in school, I sometimes get a little sweaty or shiny and my makeup starts to fall apart by the end of the day. If I notice that I have a blemish that popped up or I'm starting to look a little shiny I can fix that real quick and not feel self conscious.

For lips I always have a few chapsticks and lip glosses that are thrown around in my bag because you never know when you're gonna need them. ;) Lip products are my favorite! Also if I plan on wearing a certain lipstick that morning I would throw it in my makeup bag to do touch ups as I see needed.

Another thing that I ALWAYS have in my bag is a mini mascara. Mascara is one thing that I cannot live without, I wear it everyday and I think its a good thing to keep in your bag in case you are going out after school and need a little extra something to look more put together. My favorite is the Benefit They're Real Mascara. It's amazing! I think even one extra coat of mascara can make any girls eyes POP!

Other things that I like keep in my makeup bag for school is a mirror *for obvious reasons :)*, oil absorbing sheets, tissues, a nail file and hair ties. This makeup bag also kind of works as a mini emergency kit as I just tend to throw anything I think I might need into it. I like to be prepared for the worst. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little show and tell and let me know in the comments below what kind of things you guys like to keep in YOUR makeup bags for school. :) Have a great day!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Polished Picture Day Look

Hello all you lovely ladies! It's back to school season, and one particular day is coming up that some of us dread...picture day. I thought that I would dedicate todays post to giving you some cute outfit ideas, and makeup to ace your picture! Without further ado, let's get started!

Your school picture usually follows you through the rest of the school year, so it is important to make it look as good as it possibly can! I am going to start by applying my 'bareMinerals Oil-Control' primer. I have oily skin and this product really helps keep my face makeup on all day... you do not want to go to take your picture and have your makeup sliding all over your face! I am then going to apply my 'Laura Mercier Secret Concealer' for under my eyes and any other problematic areas, and my 'Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream' which gives your face a flawless finish. Contour your cheeks using your favorite bronzer, and apply a mid-tone pink blush, like 'Dame' by MAC to your cheeks.

For eyes, I am going to take my 'Stay Don't Stray' primer from Benefit and apply an even layer all over my eyelid. Then, take a champagne/gold shimmer color (like 'All That Glitters' by MAC) to your lid, and a soft matte brown ('Charcoal Brown' by MAC) to the crease. I am also taking a brown one shade darker ('Drama' by bareEssentials) to place in the outer v. Line your tightline and lower lashline, and apply 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara!

For lips, put on a sparkly peachy-toned nude gloss like 'Opal' by Laura Mercier. Now your face is ready for closeups! :) 

I like to keep my hair straightened for my pictures. My hair can get frizzy when curled, so to reduce any chance of having a frizzy picture, I straighten it. Although pin-straight hair is my personal choice, style your hair so you feel comfortable. You absolutely love your curly locks? Then curl it! Go into picture day feeling super confident with your hair!

As for an outfit, you want to keep it simple but elegant. This year I am going to be wearing an oversized black shirt that I purchased at Nordstrom, and a cream colored lace bandeau underneath it that I bought at Francesca's Collections. I linked you to the exact clothing pieces, but they currently do not have the bandeau in the ivory, but they they do have them in some really cute colors! Even though my picture is only going to be the upper half of my body, I am going to wear denim shorts and some sandals. For jewlery, I am going to wear my pearl stud earrings, and my 'Return to Tiffany' silver heart necklace.

I hoped this helped you get a better idea on what to wear for picture day! I've had my share with bad pictures, so I'm hoping this year's will be good! :)  Leave any requests/comments down below and make sure to follow us on twitter. Stay classy everyone!