Monday, April 23, 2012

Airfoam Foundation Isn't So Sky High

Hey Girls!
Are you that girl who yearns for that perfect, flawless skin that all the other girls envy? I know I am! Unfortunately for me, I have very problematic skin. I get acne, and depending on the season, I tend to get very shiny or flakey. But that's life, sometimes you have to face the facts and try to move forward. So with me, it's very important to have a high coverage foundation that can cover all of my problem areas while still giving me a flawless look, without looking cakey.

When I first heard of the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation I thought it was such a cool concept. A foam foundation that came out of a pump that is light weight and has a flawless finish. It's a very similar concept to the soap we all loved as little kids....I'm sure you know that one I'm talking about. ;) I thought this foundation was the perfect solution for my skin! I went to my local Harmon's to try out the product and I had very high expectations, although hearing mixed reviews about the product. After trying it out a few times, I came to the conclusion that I am not a huge fan. I liked how light the consistency was and how it was easily blendible but something about it didn't feel right on my face. I soon noticed after the second or third time trying it, the foundation had been hardening to my face. It was wet when it came out of the bottle which allows it to be blended easily, but after it sets on your face it leaves your skin very dry which I didn't personally enjoy. It made my skin start to flake and if it wasnt blended perfectly you could see the discoloration all over my face...which is normally not that bad, except for the fact that it was orange. As I have said before I have very fair skin, and I always have to look for the lightest foundation out there. I grabbed the lightest shade of the Airfoam, but it was still very orange on my skin, which seemed a little bit odd, especially since it was the lightest one there. In the picture below I show what comes out of the tube after I push the pump one time. THAT'S A LOT OF PRODUCT! That's another downside, you loose a lot of product each time you press the pump. You barely need any of the foundation to cover your whole face, but a bunch comes out after one little squirt. I end up having to wipe off and the throw out a large chunk each time I apply.

Overall I think the product has a lot of potiential, but it isn't quite there yet. I know other brands have foundations very similar and I may have to try those to see if its just this brand, or the formula in general. If the Maybelline had more color options too it may appeal to more people. There are so many different skin colors out there, and to only have 16 different colors doesn't leave very many options for everyone. I don't think I'd buy this product again, but I may try something similar in the future that may be closer to my skin color if need be. But hey, maybe I'll be able to crack this foundation back out again in the summer when I'm a little bit tanner....just kidding I don't tan at all! I freckle...or maybe I won't be using this foundation again. Oh well, you win some you lose some!

Have you tried out this foundation? Leave me a comment below telling me what your thoughts were about it. :) 

Kristin <3

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