Monday, July 23, 2012

What's in my Shower!

Hey girls! So last night I was watching a bunch of these videos on Youtube and I thought it would be fun to make a post on what I keep in my shower because I love watching/reading them so much! So let's get started!

The shower that I use in my house is just a stand up stall type shower, so it has no bottom faucet to take a bath in. On the ceiling there is a Rainmaker shower head and then on the wall we have a removable sprayer shower head. The floor has little river rocks that I love because it feels like a massage on my feet. On the little handle I keep my loofah and a hair tie in case I need it while fixing my hair.

Then there is a small ledge next to the shower door (we have a glass door on our shower) and on that I just keep my razor, shaving cream and yes, toothpaste and a toothbrush. I know it's weird but at night I brush my teeth while I'm in the shower. You should all try it because it's really fun and I feel like my mouth should be clean too after the shower. Like I said my comb was here in this picture but that's not its usual spot!

Next on the opposite wall of the shower there is a slew of items on a built in shelf. So I broke up the pictures.

First, there is a few random shampoo's and conditioner's that I don't use so they're basically just there when guests come. Next to that I have my Planet Spa Icelandic Mineral Water Invigorating Body Wash which I LOVE. I love using it if I have sunburn because it's very cooling and it has the most amazing clean almost minty smell to it.

Then I have some different face washes, I have a Lancome face wash that I HATE it is super oily but I leave it in the shower anyway. Then I have a Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser which I use almost every night in the shower. On top of that I use BenzEFoam Emollient Foam which is a prescription foaming acne cleanser. Next there is my Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted body wash that I use with my loofah. I also have a Bath Junkie Body Dessert that I occasionally use in the scent Spring Fling and Rain.

In front of that I have my Lush Karma soap that I absolutely adore. I am a Lush lover but sadly, the Lush near me closed :( so this will have to last me until I find another one. I also have my Lush Buffy body butter, it's also known as Buffy the Backside Slayer because it has amazing chunks of walnut shells and exfoliates wonderfully. I actually take ths out of the shower while I'm in because it could melt from the heat and I use it after showering.

That is all that's in my shower and I share it with just my older sister so everything in here we both use so there's nothing I took out for the pictures. Leave any comments below and I'll talk to you guys soon!

Audrey :)
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