Monday, July 16, 2012

What's In My Beach Bag!

Hey girls! Today's post is going to be a peak inside my beach bag! I'll admit that I'm a pretty nosy person so I love these kinds of posts. With Summer beginning I figured now was the best time to make my own! Fortunately, we live in a place where the beach is not very far, so we can go pretty frequently! I have this straw beach bag from target that is adorable because it has little sequins on it! It's the right size and big enough to fit everything I need. So now here is what I keep inside of it!

Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 Sunscreen: This is a must for me. I have extremely sensitive skin and most sunscreens sting my face after a short period of wear, but this is the only one so far that doesn't do that! I can't leave the house without it.

Tanning Oil: Okay, now I know it's not good for you and gives barely any protection to your skin, but I use it. I love to be tan, but would never go into a bed or get a spray tan. I also don't burn easily at all, I get very tan in the Summer and I don't know why, but the only time my skin burns is if I have nothing at all on. I use Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil with SPF 8.

A lip balm with SPF: This is so important, yet the thing people most commonly forget. The skin on your lips is soft and delicate and can burn easily, so it's important to wear a lip balm that includes SPF. My favorite right now is the Hawaiian Tropic SPF 45+ Vanilla Mint Lip Balm. It feels nice and cool on your lips and is super protective! I even used it on vacation last year where it was way sunnier and it still totally protected my lips! Sorry, but I couldn't find it for a picture!

Sun In: I have used Sun In in the past and I love it, I use it at the beach or just hanging in my pool. I definitely don't recommend it if you have dark hair (it will turn your hair orange) but I'm naturally dirty blonde so it helps lighten up my hair. Check back soon for a review!

Sunscreen with 30+ SPF: Like I said, I don't burn easily on the majority of my body, but my shoulders will burn like crazy, I know it's weird! So I only apply this to my shoulders and upper back! Also make sure it's waterproof so it doesn't come off in the ocean or if you're sweating!

Sunglasses: I lose sunglasses like it's no body's business. I don't even know what happens to them they just vanish...well, I usually leave them places, so I've never purchased a super expensive pair because I know I will lose them. Just make sure you have a pair with you to protect your eyes from harmful rays!

A small makeup bag: In this I usually keep concealer, mascara, lip balm, blotting papers and deodorant! I don't wear makeup to the beach (sometimes waterproof mascara) but I keep this in case I'm going out to dinner or somewhere else afterwards and want to freshen up!

Something to read: I'm usually not a big reader at the beach so I'll bring either a magazine or a light reading book. I always make sure to have something just in case I get bored.

A water bottle: It is super important to stay hydrated, especially when you're sitting in the sun! I usually bring a few disposable bottles or one big reusable one.

A towel: For obvious reasons! I am a big ocean girl, I don't just lay on my towel the whole time, I like to swim in the ocean! I could stay in the ocean all day, plus the salt water is good for your skin and you get a better tan in the ocean!

A comb: When I go in the ocean, I usually throw my hair up in a messy bun, so after it gets wet it's a knotty mess! It's a necessity for me to have a comb to brush out tangles before it dries and gets matted.

Leave in Conditioner: I bring this in my beach bag to avoid the terrible tangles I just spoke about. If this is in my hair ahead of time it helps to stop from tangling and I spray it in while combing through to help me.

A wallet: I like to carry a wallet with some money in case I need an extra drink or any food at the beach. Also a lot of times we go to the boardwalk afterwards so I can use it to purchase something that I find there!

That's pretty much all that I carry with me in my beach bag, I hope you enjoyed this post. Love you all!

Audrey <3

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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