Monday, July 23, 2012

Crushing on Coral

Hello ladies! Summer 2012 is filled with bright colors, and to me one color that stands out is coral! There are so many coral beauty products this year, as well as statement jewelry, and clothing pieces. Coral is such a gorgeous color, and I am really glad that this summer coral has its time to shine! This post is going to explain to y'all how easy it is to incorporate this super shade into your everyday look. In this post, you will find some great Sparkly Little Secrets too. (:

Makeup/Beauty Products:
Don't believe me that there is a plethora of coral beauty products this summer? Go to and type in "coral" into the search box.... I dare you! As I am writing this post there are 156 beauty products that relate to coral. From lipsticks, to blushes, to glosses, nail polishes and even eyeshadows, there has to be some shade of coral that works for you. Sephora's Color of the Year for 2012 was tangerine- a more vibrant shade of coral!

If you are more daring, I would recommend a highly pigmented lipstick. Smashbox made a lipstick in the shade "Melondrama" that Kristen has and it is stunning! It's super super pigmented, so if you are "afraid" of color I wouldn't recommend this color for you. However; if you want to go for a lighter flush of the shade yet have the color last for a long time, I would absolutely recommend the Revlon Kissable Lip Balm Stain in Rendevous. I've mentioned this product in my June favorites and if you are looking for a lip product that gives you color with shine and lasts all day, this is totally for you!

MAC's "Something Special"
Coral cheeks to me is the definition of summer. A tan face with a coral flush of color is ah-mazing! If you want a lovely drugstore color I would check out any of the Nyx Cosmetics Blushes. I have a blush in Angel which is a more peachy-toned shade of coral, but it's absolutely perfect and I wear this every day in the summer. If you want to invest a bit more into a higher quality blush I would look at MAC blushes especially in the shades "Melba" (powder blush) and "Something Special" (cream blush). Also, I would take a look into Nars Cosmetics' blush in "Cactus Flower".  The last blush I am going to talk about is going to be Benefit's "Coralista". This blush is a cult favorite and so many people (except for me.... :/) have this blush in their collection! All of these blushes are on my wishlist, except for Angel, but I have swatched them all and I can tell you that all of these blushes will look great on anybody's skin tone!

If you are looking into a coral nailpolish, I have a few suggestions for you! Essie's "Camera", "Cute as a Button" and "California Coral" are the perfect coral colors. I own "Camera" and "Cute as a Button" and am looking to buy "California Coral"! I had my nails done in "California Coral" and absolutely loved it. These are all true shades of coral although they have different undertones.

Nothing screams "summer" than whipping out your favorite coral wallet or wristlet! For Easter this year, I received a coral Nine West wallet that I absolutely adore. I was eyeing the wallet for a little time and kept fantasizing how amazing it would look for the summer. The silver details really makes the coral pop, and I love this! Kate Spade makes gorgeous bright colored wristlets and wallets so make sure to check those out. Sparkly Little Secret: look at designer items for inspiration and then take a look on to a website like Forever 21; you can't always buy the high priced product, but you can always get a close dupe!

Fashion wise, I think you can totally make coral work! Something like a coral blazer, or even a skirt can make your outfit look super summer-y. At first, I thought coral blazers would have way to much color to wear anywhere, but I found a super cute one on Click here if you want to see it! It's a lighter shade of coral, so you can pair it with any fun, or neutral top. Sparkly Little Secret: With brighter colors like coral, you don't always know if they are going to be in style for a while. For me, if I want to get a clothing piece for a trend I always look at stores like Forever 21. I usually only splurge on fun basics rather then spring or fall trends, but I always, always, always start off my trend shopping at stores like Forever 21.

Who doesn't love a fun cocktail ring or a statement necklace? Coral jewelry is perfect for the summer! A necklace like this from Francesca's Collection is absolutely stunning, and will make a simple outfit pop.

Sundresses are one of my staples for the summer. I love a sundress that has coral in it because it gives the dress a fun feel. The picture of my sundress on the right is from J.Crew, which was about $40 or so... I don;t remember the exact price, sorry! This is my favorite coral dress! it hits mid-thigh and the ruffle detailing at the top is adorable! I did get this dress in March, so I would look around if you want to get a dress similar to this!

This concludes my post on coral! I really do love this color for the summer, it's just so bright and fun! I hope you've learned how easy it is to incorporate this color into your everyday look. Follow us on twitter @SparklySecret for updates on any new posts. Stay classy!



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