Thursday, July 5, 2012

Add A Little Twist!

Hey Girls! Today I'm making a post on how to do 4 different types of braids on yourself. I'll be talking about French Braiding, 4 strand braid, and the ever popular fishtail braid! Keep reading to see how to make them! **Some of these are complicated to explain, I will link a Youtube video to each at the end if you need further help!** Note: You will need to know how to do a simple 3 strand braid for these styles, if you do not know how, do not fear! There are plenty of videos to teach you how!

Fishtail Braid: This braid is a little complicated to explain, but I will try my very best. What you are going to do is divide your hair into 2 sections. Then take a small section from the outer part of one side and cross it over to the inside of the other. (See what I mean, sounds confusing but I promise it's not that hard once you get the hang of it!) Then repeat that with a strand from the other side. Continue this all the way down alternating sections and secure with an elastic. if you are having trouble starting the braid, it is easier for some to secure the hair with a clear elastic at the top and cut it out when finished. Click here if you need more help!

French Braid: This will start by taking a section from the very top of your head. Then divide into 3 sections and braid normally one cycle (left over right, right over left ONCE) Then before passing your left over right again, pick up some hair hanging down and incorporate it with the starting section and braid in. Do that with the opposite side and continue to the nape of your neck. Some people choose to secure here and leave the rest as a hanging ponytail, which I personally don't care for. If you wish to continue, keep braiding normally until you feel you cannot reach, then bring it around your shoulder and to the front and finish, then securing with an elastic and returning to the back. Here is a video if you should need it!

4 Strand Braid: For this, you will start by securing your hair in a clear elastic. Then, divide your hair int 4 equal sections, and I'll admit that I use my mouth to help me hold them! Then you will sort of weave the first piece through the other 3. Go over, under over, then the 1st piece will become the last. now repeat that with the new 1st piece until you run out of hair. Secure with an elastic and remove the top one. This video is fantastic! I have it set to the right place for you!

Thanks for reading! Comment below with any questions!

Xoxo Audrey
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