Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tune in to Tan Skin!

In the summer, nothing is better than lying out in the sun, and tanning with your best friends. But once that summer sun and heat dies down, your faced with pale skin only a month into the school year! Today’s post is going to tell y’all some tips and tricks to extend the life of your tan, especially so you don’t have to go back to school with dull skin. I realize I should have put this post up a lot sooner, but I just came up with the idea recently… and besides, who wouldn’t want tips on extending your tan?! Put your favorite sunglasses on and get readin’ :).

    Use SPF. I can’t stress this enough. Some think that if you use a sunscreen instead of tanning oil you won’t get any sun! We all know that tanning oils typically have an SPF of 8 or 15. Using an SPF of anything lower than 30 can put you at a risk for getting seriously burned! When you first get out in the sun PUT ON SUNSCREEN, wait 5 to 10 minutes then put on your tanning oil! The key is to wait until your sunscreen has soaked in and then go all out with your oil. You still get the same results- but you know that your skin is being kept safe!
    MOISTURIZE. Moisturizer is going to be your best friend when it comes to maintaining your tan. In my opinion the best moisturizer for the summer is “Banana Boat Aloe Vera Moisturizer”. This leaves your skin feeling soft and silky, and the aloe vera in the lotion is going to help preserve your tan. If you don’t want to go out and buy a lotion that has aloe in it- just use aloe! I find that Aloe is super moisturizing on my skin, and it will still help you preserve your radiant glow!
    Exfoliate! I like to exfoliate my skin once a week. I know that some people like to exfoliate every other day, or even every day but I find with my skin once a week is all I need. You want to have radiant tan skin, but if you exfoliate multiple times a week it can take off the tan skin. Audrey’s DIY: Body Scrub is amazing! You all seriously need to try this out, it makes your skin perfect!
    Self Tan. Don’t be afraid of this little phrase. I like to use the Jergen’s Natural Glow line because it doesn’t make you insta-orange. The key for self tanners is to use one that gives you a gradual glow. With the Jergen’s you will not see an instant result, but after a week you will see your tan start to darken! If you aren’t afraid of a quick self tanner, take a look into the St.Tropez line. I have never used this line before, but my mom and cousin have. They absolutely love it, and it doesn’t leave you streaky! You can watch a bunch of reviews on the St.Tropez here!
    NEVER GO TO A TANNING BED. Ever. This is completely terrible for you, and you can get cancer extremely easily from going into a tanning salon. So many teenagers are obsessed with having tan skin- and then they get deadly skin cancer. Besides, it’s totally obvious when you use a tanning bed…your skin just doesn’t look natural and it the color does not always seem to be the right shade. I’d rather be pale then have cancer!
    Hydrate your skin. In the summer, your body is loosing essential vitamins because of the heat. You need to replenish your body by drinking A LOT of water. I try to drink about 2 ½ bottles a day in the summer, but if I feel dizzy or headache-y, I grab a Gatorade or something like that to replenish my body. Radiant skin doesn’t come in a bottle- you need to be hydrated!
These are all of my sparkly little secrets to help y’all maintain your tan! I find that all of these play a key role in keeping your color for a while. It’s never too late to grab a bottle of a gradual tanning lotion and aloe vera…it can work wonders! I hope you guys enjoyed todays post! Don’t forget ladies, stay classy!


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