Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Haulin' Had Me a Blast!

Hi (again) Ladies,
I just couldn't wait to do another post for you all, so I thought I would share with you some items that I have accumulated over the course of this summer. These are just a few of my favorite things that I have bought recently, and I figured I could share them with you!

I'll start out with the things I bought while I was down in Avalon at the beach with my family. I didn't end up buying that much, and surprisingly all the things I bought were jewelry, but I am seriously in love with EVERYTHING I found. It's always a tradition in my family to save up a good chunk of money to spend at the local stores at the beach. I always love buying jewelry because a lot of the stuff they have down there I don't have where I live and I love adding new unique pieces of jewelry to my collection that I know no one else will have. So in one of the stores I found a bunch of rings that were 75% off so I kind of went crazy. The rings were normally priced at between $20 and $40 (the ones that I liked at least which isn't too bad, but with the 75% off the most expensive ring I paid for was $9. NINE. DOLLARS. So of course I went ring crazy. (As you have seen in my ring collection post I have quite an obsession.) I ended up buying 5 rings, 1 of them being a gift for my friend and the rest for myself. (I spoiled myself a lot this vacation! :/) All of the rings are sterling silver and I love how the last 3 have words on them. The first ring is kind of a spin off of a celtic cross and then from left to right the rings say: avalon (where we stayed) friends, and hug. Aren't they cute?! I also think I got lucky because they were on sale because no one wanted to buy them because they were so small. I have a size 5-6 ring and they had tons of rings left in that size! I was in ring heaven! The total was I think around $37 for all 4 rings and the avalon ring alone was originally $36 so I basically got 3 rings free! WHAT A STEAL.
The last 2 jewelry items I got were from this adorable little store in avalon called the Preppy Palm. They had the most ADORABLE clothes and accessories and I would have bought the whole store but it was on the more expensive side. :/ I ended up picking up only 2 things a simple pair of silver ball studs and then a sideways silver cross necklace which i am OBSESSED WITH. I have seen so many people wearing them and I was so happy when I was able to find one for myself. The necklace was $30 which is a good price considering for how much necklaces similar to that go to and the earrings were $15 so that was a good deal as well.
And finally a non-jewelry related item I picked up from the Preppy palm was just a simple elastic headband. I have a bunch of the creaseless hair ties by the same brand but I had never seen a head band so I just wanted to try it out. And of course i picked it up in pink because I am still in full Legally Blonde mode. ;)

A few more jewelry things before I move onto beauty! My Grandy gave me a gift for my performance in legally blonde and she got me a pair of kate spade butterfly earrings and a gold buckle bracelet from Michael Kors I had been eyeing. The pink bracelet that is also on my wrist in the picture below was actually handmade by the ever so lovely Audrey that she gave me when she came to see my show as well as a beauty item you'll see down below. I love these 3 pieces of jewelry I have barely taken them off! I love the little gold beads in the pink bracelet Audrey made. It totally looks like she bought it somewhere. She's the best!

And now onto beauty! The Benefit Lipgloss was the gift that I received from Audrey alongside the beautiful bracelet and is actually the most moisturizing lipgloss I have ever owned. It's so thin and easy to apply, and I love the color and how it smells. She knows me so well <3. Another gift I received from the show was from Francesca, which was the Mac lipstick in Hue, a color I had been looking to buy for the longest time. I love wearing that underneath the lipgloss actually! The pair go perfectly together. It was so nice of you girls to get me a little gift for my show and I am so happy you guys came! You're the best! The other 2 mac things were things I picked up to use for the show. Like I mentioned in my legally blonde makeup tutorial the Mac lipstick in Pink Nouveau was the perfect pink for Elle to wear and the highlighter in soft and gentle*which i forgot to add to my tutorial shoot!* was used just to give me some extra sparkle on stage which I will also be able to use for everyday as well. These 4 items are great staples to add to my collection and I know I am going to be using these constantly for the rest of the summer and even into the beginning of school!

And last but not least, I received this adorable makeup bag from another friend who came to my show. My friend actually got this at the Preppy Palm the week before! It may seem a bit creepy, but its actually a barbie brand makeup bag and my friend got it for me because she thought the girl on the front reminded her of me and Elle Woods. It's the perfect size to carry makeup on the go and I think it's also a great memory of the show!

So these are just a few things I have received over the past couple of weeks I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments below what your favorite item you've purchased recently was! :) Have an amazing day! love you all <3

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