Monday, August 6, 2012

Target Haul!

Hello girlies! I went to Target on Friday night with my older sister, and I thought I would share with you all the things that I purchased. Also, a lot of products mentioned are from Neutrogena which is my favorite skincare line. Neutrogena is not sponsoring this post in any way. Most of the items are skin-care related, and after 2 days of using these products I figured I could add my two cents about these products! 

First thing that I picked up was the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. This is my absolute favorite toner, and I believe this is my third or fourth bottle of it! When picking out a toner/astrigent you don't want to get one that has alcohol in it as it can strip your natural oils and add unnecessary ones! This smells fruity and fresh and feels really good on your skin. I highly recommend this product to anyone and especially those who have oily skin!

The next item I added to my basket was the Up&Up brand Makeup Removing Wipes. These are exactly the same as the Neutrogena ones, but they are $2 less! I prefer the makeup removing wipes as opposed to the liquid because it makes much less of a mess and you can throw these in any bag if needed! Another reason I opt for the wipes is because some nights when I feel really lazy (we all have those days :)...) I will just use a makeup wipe to take off my makeup, brush my teeth and hop into bed. I know that's probably one of the weirdest/gross things you have read, but some nights I just don't feel like washing my face and I figure it's best to take off the day's worth of makeup. 

I picked up two face washes from Neutrogena as well... I LOVE their products, they really work well for me! The first one is the 'Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleanser+Makeup Remover'. I love using this at night because it is a 2-in-1 product. It smells fresh and really takes off all of my makeup from the day....definitely a must have! The next face wash that I purchased is the 'Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Acne Scrub'. The acne wash is amazing, but I was in need of a new face scrub so I figured I would pick this one up! I used it this morning and it is really gentle on your face so you can use this scrub 2-3 times a week. This was worth the $7 and I will probably be repurchasing this product!

Target had a deal going on (and I love love love any type of deal) where if you purchased two of the selected Neutrogena face washes or treatments you would get a free tote! I love totes, and I always seem to put something or other in them so getting a free one was perfect! I would have bought the two face washes anyway; but knowing I could get a free tote made it even better!

I ran out of tanning oil, so I had to pick up a new one! I really like the Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil because it has a much higher SPF. I am aware of the dangers of tanning oil, but my dermatologist said that if I use this with a SPF sunscreen it's alright. Speaking of tanning oil, I have a really great post coming up if I do say so myself :). 

The last item that I purchased is 100% my favorite purchase of the trip! It is the  Lauren Conrad Style book. I absolutely adore LC and I finally purchased one of her many books! I love her style, and the way she writes is amazing. (I already finished 4 chapters...) To me, LC is a really great role model and I love everything she has done! If you are a Lauren fan like myself and don't have this book you seriously need to pick it up. Love you LC!

That concludes everything I bought! I love watching hauls on YouTube, so I figured it was only appropriate that I shared the things I bought with all of you. Made any new purchases lately? Tell me in the comments below! Stay classy everyone! 


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