Saturday, August 11, 2012

Legally Blonde!

Hey Ladies!
I apologize for not posting in FOREVER, but I was in the middle of Legally Blonde which Audrey had mentioned in her ulta haul, and then I went away on vacation for a week. But I am back with tons of ideas and secrets for you all! So, still being in the Legally blonde spirit that I have been in all month long, I thought I would do a makeup tutorial for you all. This makeup is the actual look i used in the show playing Elle Woods! And for any of you theater-goers out there, you would know that you need to put much more makeup on for stage then in real life for the audience to be able to see it. So this look may appear a little heavy, but from the stage it looks very natural I promise! So without further ado lets begin!

The first step is your face which is just your daily face routine but just a thicker application of foundation so it reads from stage. After that apply any bright pink blush. (I used Nars Mata Hari and applied 3 sheer layers which ended up building onto my cheekbones effortlessly!) This bubblegum pink gives your cheeks that great pop of color, PLUS it's definitely a color that Elle would choose to wear herself. 

Next is eyes. For this I did a pinky-brown smoke eye with a gold undertone. These colors don't have to be specific at all, I had a lot of fun playing around, trying to find a color combination that I liked but this part is really whatever you think looks good together. But just in case you were wondering I will say the colors I used. First as always I primed my eyes with benefit's stay don't stray primer. This always makes my shadows stay in place and look vibrant for hours on end. As a base color I used the color Satin Sheets from Too Faced. The light pink-champagne color gives a nice shimmer but is light enough that it doesn't distract from the color that is going to be put on top of it. Then I took my Too faced blush in La Vie en Rose and covered the outer half of my lid in that. After that I took a little bit of Snakebite from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and my Tarina Tarantino eyeshadow in candy cameo and blended that into my crease which gives a little hint of pink, but doesn't make you look like you have pink eye. From the stage it looks like a really subtle neutral-pink eye but you could also tone this down just a little and wear it out on the town for a fun pink smoke eye! (Again, it's weird how you have to wear so much makeup on stage just for it to appear normal...I know it seems like a lot in these pictures. But I promise you I didn't look like a drag queen during the show!)

Last is Lips, which is Elle's signature thing. She is always sporting a perfect pink pout. For the show I decided to do something vibrant. Something that even under the stage lights, people in the last row would be able to see. So I thought what other color to use than Macs Pink Nouveau, which is Nicki Minaj's favorite color...before she created her own. This bright magenta color complemented the rest of the makeup I had on and surprisingly didn't seem like too much! 2 Layers of this bad boy and you are set for the day! I love how this color looks against my fair complexion and it really was the perfect color for Elle Woods to be wearing. 

This show was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been a part of. This was my dream show, and to be able to play my dream part in front of hundreds of people is honestly such a dream come true. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Here is one of the pictures that were taken during the show! If you've seen the movie, Elle walks into a Harvard college party in a bunny costume and is very surprised when she sees no one else is dressed in costume. I hope you all enjoyed this makeup tutorial, and if you want to see other celebrity or movie inspired makeup tutorials throw a few names down in the comments below. Have a great day ladies!


"Being true to yourself, never goes out of style." -Legally Blonde <3

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