Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sun Hats

Hey girlies! With summer approaching, and some finalizing of your summer vacation plans, I thought it would be a great idea to do a blog on sun hats. I was never a fan of sun hats before, I honestly didn't know why people wanted to buy them! However; with one quick shopping trip with my Nana...I changed my mind completely!

You walk into your favorite department store, and are suddenly surrounded by all of the new merchandise that corresponds with the latest trends! What was I bombarded by you ask? Sun hats. So, I went looking around for fun, trying on a few and before I knew it.... I fell in love with the sun hats! This sunhat was purchased at Nordstrom, but unfortunately I took the price tag off (In the picture I know there is a tag but that's the brand/name tag) and I have no clue how much it was! Sorry guys!! However; this hat is by the brand "ViX" and I found this particular hat in the sale section, so if you're looking for a sunhat like this one I definitely recommend looking in the sale section.

This sunhat is definitely me! I love how it has some sparkle incoorporated into it, and the braided "belt" adds even more flare. 
Some of you may be wondering "Where can I buy a sunhat without the department store prices?" Don't worry...I got you covered! Stores like,  Everything But Water has an amazing selection, and even Forever 21 have some really cute ones! I think when buying a "statement" hat you have to purchase one in the end that you feel comfortable in, and are going to reach for in the summertime!

Here are a few simple ways to style your hair around your sunhat, and some cute outfit ideas as well!
Firstly, I would embrace your natural hair! If your hair is a little frizzy, or has no volume buy a product from the drugstore that can enhance your hair and simply add the sunhat. It will become the focus of your head, rather than the hair you try to hide (I definitely fall under this straightner tends to be my bestfriend...).
Secondly, go for either pin-straight hair or some curls! Expierament with whichever style you like better and add the sunhat. I think both straight hair and curled hair look great with a bigger statement piece!

As for outfits, I think a sunhat with a girly, flirty dress would look SO CUTE. Like sooo cute! I love wearing a simple girly piece and adding some type of statement piece to dress it up. This summer, I will totally be rocking the sundress with my sunhat for dinner with the family, or on vacation. You have endless outfit choices by adding a sunhat!

To the beach? Rock your favorite bathing suit with a cute coverup, add your sunhat and get out that door! You will be turning heads (in a AH-MAZING way) with your on-trend fashion!
Want to hang out with your girls? Put on your favorite pair of denim shorts, a solid, pastel v-neck, a pair of super cute sandals and add that hat!

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post. I've obviously grown to like them, and I'm hoping this post helped you choose whether you are going to purchase a sunhat or not! Please leave a comment down below on whether you are going to rock sunhats, or stay away from them completely! Any requests for blogs you would like to see in the future? Comment below (: Don't forget, stay classy!


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