Friday, June 1, 2012

May Favorites!

Hey Beauties!
It is that time of the month where one of the four of us talk about our favorite items we have been loving lately! This month actually seemed to fly by so fast. It's getting really warm where we live....abnormally warm and the thought of that leads me to summer. It seems like it can't come fast enough! School is coming to a close in less than a month, and we have been so busy lately with all of our end-of-the-year schoolwork that we haven't been able to post as much as we would have liked to. BUT NEVER FEAR. We are back and have tons of secrets to share with you all. :) Now on to the good stuff....

My first favorite is one that every beauty guru seemed to be obsessed with when it was first released: The Naked 2. I will have a full review out very soon so stay tuned for that, but basically it is my go-to eye palette for any neutral look. All of the colors are absolutely gorgeous and I love how pigmented they are. I could ramble on forever about my love for this palette but I will save that for the full review! In the beginning this was supposed to be a limited edition palette, but there was such a high demand for it that they decided to make it a permanent palette for all Urban Decay lovers. It can be found here!

My next favorite is a necessity for myself when applying makeup. My skin-like I have said before- is a very weird texture. In some places it gets oily, in some places it's very changes constantly *I know annoying right?* This dramatically different lotion from Clinique helps fix that. I put this on before anything else in the morning, as well as right before I go to sleep. It moisturizes the dry parts of skin on my face and allows the foundation to blend into my skin much easier. I LOVE this product and DEFINITELY will be re-purchasing it. :)

One thing that I always try to reach for is a nice blush. From natural colors *like mac's warm soul* to bright pinks and corals, I think a pinch of color on the cheeks really completes a look. (And since I have such fair skin, it keeps me from looking like a ghost). The blush you see on your right is called Mata Hari from Nars and I have been loving it! It looks a little bit more muddy in the picture, but in real life its a gorgeous pink color which works very well with my skin tone. If I apply a sheer amount, it gives me a nice tint of color, but if I pack it on, its a bright pink which would be a fun pop of color to add to a subtle look. Nars is on the more expensive side *I know...* but, I totally think it's worth the money in the end.

Ah, foundation. Either your worst nightmare, or your best friend. Some people have trouble finding the right shade for their skin tone, or aren't able to apply it correctly, but if done right, a good foundation can give your face a flawless looking finish. Personally, I don't think it's worth spending a lot of money on foundations, I haven't really experimented much in the high end brands of foundation, but I have really been enjoying the Cover Girl Clean foundation for this month. I am in the color 105 Ivory and the smell is amazing. It smells very...well...clean! :) I only need about the size of a  nickel to cover my whole face evenly and it has full coverage which is nice for all of the blemishes and freckles I tend to cover up. This foundation has lasted me about one and a half months and for the price *between $8 and $10 I forget to be honest with you...* it's definitely worth giving it a try. With 12 different color options, there is bound to be one that is close to your skin tone! I will definitely re-purchase this one in the future because I love the way it feels on my skin!

Moving right along to lips...Babylips chapstick has been the ONLY chapstick I have been reaching for lately. Especially the one on the right called Quenched. I put red one (Cherry Me) next to it to show how much of quenched I have used! I literally always have it on me! It is THE most moisturizing chapstick I have ever used. I re-apply like a madwoman and I LOVE the way it smells! I love the colored ones too, but I don't reach for them as much as the clear one. The colored ones have a lot of pigmentation in them which is nice, but it's more like a sheer lipstick than a chapstick. I can't throw on the colored ones without a mirror! I will re-purchase this over and over again and if you haven't tried these yet I would DEFINITELY recommend checking them out. They're less than $5 too!

A few more lip products that I have been loving are bright pinks. *Don't worry girls...I don't rock a bright lip with a bright cheek in the same look ;)* But these three lip products are all fun pinks that bring life to my lips, and the clinique chubby stick in Curvy Candy is especially nice because it's super moisturizing! The lipstick on the left is Maybelline number 160 in 5th Ave. Fuchsia which is a BRIGHT fuchsia color which I love and if I decide to wear that I normally top it with a Nars gloss in Coeur Sucre. These three staples are perfect for a pop of color to any spring--or now summer---outfit!

This is kind of just a random one, but I just got a pair of toms -my first of many hopefully ;) - and I love how comfortable they are! I also love how each pair someone buys, a pair is sent to a child who needs them. It's nice to know that my money is going towards some sort of nice cause. I couldn't decide between navy and black, but ended up going with navy because I don't really have any shoes in that color. I love being able to slip these on and walk out the door and not have to worry about keeping them in mint condition. These are definitely going to be a staple for me this summer and I hope to add more to my collection in the future! 

Now this last favorite I cannot take credit for. Both myself and Audrey have been doing our research about Lilly Pulitzer and found out that she makes limited edition boxes of Barnum's Animal crackers. When I was little they were my absolute FAVORITE food. I could eat them all day long! We began to go on a hunt for them and Audrey found them and picked one up for me! There are only 2 million made each year and all the proceeds go to OprationSmile which I love, so of course this was a win-win situation for me. Plus the box is just absolutely adorable! So I had to give it a special spot in my favorites, how could I not?!

Ok girls, so this is everything that I have been loving this month. How about you? What are some of your favorite things you have been loving this month? Leave a comment down in the comments below! Especially beauty products, I am always looking to try new products!
Love you all and have a great weekend!


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