Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun Spring Dresses!

Hi Girls! Happy Thursday :)

So today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite dresses that I have been reaching for this spring. Whether I'm going to school, or out with my friends, a fun dress is a great way to look cute, and feel it too!

This dress is one of the fancier ones, but it's such a simple style and flatters a lot of different figures. It cinches in at my waist and then has the trumpet effect on the bottom half, allowing the fabric to flow out. I love the pink flower detail at the bottom of the dress, it adds a bright pop of color to your look. I bought this at my local Lord and Taylor by the way!

The next dress is an electric magenta color with a cutout triangles along the neckline. I found this at forever 21 for a little under $20 which I thought was a great deal!I love pairing this with a thick brown belt to tie the look together. Since it has such a strong neckline, I don't normally pair a lot of jewelry with it because the dress is so unique it doesn't really need anything else to make it a statement look. Remember, Simple is key with any bright colored dresses, or any dresses with a busy pattern or cutouts.

This dress is a simple cobalt blue, cotton dress that ends mid thigh. It's a tighter dress, which shows off my curves...just kidding I don't have any curves....but that's ok.... :) I like this dress because of its simplicity. It has a stripe design embedded in the dress that looks like ridges which gives the dress a texture. I belted this dress with another bright color because it adds an extra touch and makes the look a little bit more fun!

And last but not least, since summer is almost here, I have to include my favorite dress I have probably ever owned. My sailor dress. I got this at forever 21 for around $17 last year and although it has shrunken quite a bit on me....I still am completely in love with it.Whenever I put it on it reminds me of being at the beach or sailing in the middle of the ocean. I love the nautical look and I love the button detail right at the waist of the dress, and the pockets on the side. ANY POCKETS ON A DRESS MAKE ME SO HAPPY! It gives the dress a more casual feel, and it gives me an excuse to always have my phone or my favorite lipgloss on me at all times. :) Or a snack...because I love snacks... :)

So I hope you enjoyed my little collection of springtime dresses! Comment below on which dress was your favorite and why! Also do you like the idea of having GIF's showing different angles of the outfits? leave your opinion in the comments below! Thanks so much and have a great day! Friday is almost here everyone! 


Kristin :)

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