Saturday, May 5, 2012

My April Favorites!

Hey girlies! I can't believe it's already May....can you?! Well, since April has come to an end, I thought I would share with you my April Favorites! My favorites consist a blend of makeup, fashion trends, food, songs, and TV shows!


I tend to think that everyone in the spring time wants to achieve that gorgeous, radiant glow! I think my Nars Lguna Bronzer is absolutely perfect for that! It gives you a hint of color without being overloaded with shimmer and sparkle.

The next makeup item I have been loving during the month of April would be my Covergirl Natureluxe foundation. I know I've mentioned this product in a few other posts (mainly tutorials), but I honestly LOVE it! It gives light to medium coverage, and does not feel to heavy on your skin. It feels really natural, and I would definitely recomend it to you guys. This is a product that I will repurchase if I don't try out any other foundations that I fall in love with! If you would like me to do a comparison between this foundation and a tinted moisturizer, leave me a comment down below!

For my eyes, I have been obsessed with my L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara! This has honestly been my favorite mascara I have tried in such a long time! It gives you a lot of volume, a nice length to your lashes, and it holds the curl nicely. You can buy this product at any drugstore or Target, so right off of the bat it's rather inexpensive for a great product. I definitely reccomend it to all of you, and I hope you guys get to try it out!

I love a good chapstick...I think anyone does! For the month of April, I've been constantly reaching for my Burt's Bee's Chapstick. Prior to buying the Burt's Bee's, I read an article online (if I can find the article I will link it at the end!) about how some makeup can be very harmful. One of the items on the list was chapstick, because most lip products (such as lip gloss and some chapsticks) base is petroleum jelly. I did some more research to find out that petroleum jelly is used in gasoline, so essentially you were putting an ingredient found in gasoline on your lips. Ew, I know. So continuing my research I found that any ALL NATURAL chapstick or lipgloss was the way to go! I pretty much ran to a CVS and picked up Burt's Bee's. I really like how the product is natural, and how it heals and protects your lips. I would totally try it out if you haven't already! Click here to read the article on the dangers of chapstick and other makeup products. **I'm not anyone to say what you should use or shouldn't use, but this was based on some research that I did, and I felt I should be using something more natural on my lips!**

Hair products you ask? Moroccan Oil! It makes your hair seem like the softest hair in the world, and the amount of shine it gives you is amazing! This product really makes your hair look and feel very hydrated. I wash my hair every other night, so whenever my hair is freshly washed, I will apply a nickle sized amount onto my palm, and distribute it through my hair. It is a little pricey, but once you use it you will fall in love and will need to buy more ;).

Lastly, my favorite beauty product would have to be water!! Water keeps your skin glowing and hydrated, which can help prevent any acne. Lately, I have been drinking at least two bottles of Poland Spring water a day, and I have been so proud of myself! Not only does it help your skin stay refreshed, it helps your body stay hydrated which is an absolute must for the spring and summer time!


TV Show: Dance Moms! I ADORE these little girls, and the moms are hysterical! If you don't watch, start watching. It is pretty addictive!

Song: I have really been listening to "Worry About You" from 2 am Club, "The Chase Is On" by Hoodie Allen and "Payphone" by Maroon 5! Check out these songs if you guys would like!

Snack: Whenever my mom goes to the grocery store I have one request....Dipps Chewy Bars! You can find them in the granola bar aisle of your grocery store, or wherever Quaker Granola Bars are sold. I love them because its almost a healthier way to enjoy a chocolate treat!

Ok, loooong list of favorites...I know, but it's good that I have had a lot of products I love...right?? Haha well, thank you guys for reading this post, and check out all of our others! Remember, stay classy!


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