Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Wash your Makeup Brushes!

Hey girls! I want to start off by saying I am making no excuses for not posting in a while and I take full blame. I have been so busy with end of the year cramming and finals, but summer is right around the corner and I will have all the time in the world for blogging! So without further ado, today's post is a tutorial on how to clean makeup brushes!

The brushes that I own are the Sigma Essential Kit. These brushes are amazing and they are a bit on the pricey side, but they're a steal when you compare them to some other high end companies. I also use Mac Brush Cleanser which I put a spray cap on to make it easier to use. (For the deep cleaning pictures I had not yet changed the caps so it still has the original pour cap!)

Spot Cleaning: I recommend spot cleaning your brushes about every other day, especially foundation and concealer brushes! Because daily dirt and germs can easily make their way to your brushes, you don't want to be putting that onto your face.

What You'll Need: A paper towel or hand towel, brush cleanser and your brushes!

Step 1: On the paper towel or directly on the brush, put a little bit of cleanser, so that it is damp, but not soaked.

 Step 2: Wipe your brush back and forth (for shaped brushes) or in a circle (for circular brushes). You will see product coming off and the brush getting cleaner. Some brushes will require this more than one time depending on the usage and how much product is on it.

Step 3: When you can wipe the brush on the paper towel and no product comes off you are finished! Discard the dirty paper towels (Ew!)

Now your brushes will be squeaky clean...but make sure you let them dry out before using them again!

Deep Cleaning: I deep clean my brushes about every week. I hate using dirty brushes and really like my brushes to be fresh on my face. It's important to deep clean as well as spot cleaning to make sure you are really getting everything off.

What You'll Need: A few paper towels, brush cleanser, sink, and brushes!

Step 1: Turn on the water!

Step 2: Put your brush under the running water to get it wet, but be very careful! You do not want to get the ferrule (the metal part) wet because it will loosen the glue and make your brushes fall apart!

Step 3: Put a small amount of cleanser either directly on your brush or in your hand, whichever you prefer, then swirl around in your hand rinsing in between to get off the dirt coming off!

Step 4: Rinse the brush when no more product is coming off.

Step 5: Wipe off any excess dripping water on a paper towel.
Step 6: When drying your brushes you want them to be upside down so no water drips into the ferrule and loosens it. I tape mine hanging onto the side of an old nightstand or the wall.

In the morning remove them and they should be totally dry. Thanks for reading and comment below with any questions. Love you all!

Xoxo, Audrey

"She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party." -Kate Spade <3


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