Sunday, December 2, 2012

To spend or not to spend; that is the question.

Hi girls!  Remember me?  So sorry for not posting for so long.  I have been extremely stressed out lately with school, dance, and babysitting and I haven't had any free time.  Thank you for understanding and I appreciate every single one of you for sticking with us!  Now, on to this post...

Many products in the beauty community gain so much hype that it's impossible not to want to go out and try them for yourself, no matter what the price tag!  However, some of these products, while amazing, have almost identical drugstore dupes that can save you so much money.

The first product that gets extremely hyped up is the Urban Decay Primer Potion.  While this is one of my makeup staples, if you're eyelids aren't CRAZY oily like mine, you shouldn't need to shell out $20 for something you can get for $1!  If you have normal eyelids that aren't as oily as mine, I suggest you skip the UDPP and head over to Target to get yourself the $1 Elf Eyelid Primer.  Even with my eyelids, this doesn't crease on me for a few hours, but if you have normal eyelids, this should last you the whole day.

The next product is the MAC Paint Pots.  All of the beauty gurus online have been raving about them and decided I had to have one myself!  Well, I wish I hadn't given in so quickly.  Maybelline released a line of Color Tattoos a while back which are honestly 10x better than MAC Paint Pots.  It's much more creamy and actually lasts without a primer, unlike my Paint Pot.  And for almost $10 less, why wouldn't you go with the drugstore version?

The next product you can skip is the Balm's Sexy Mama Face Powder.  Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favorite face powders and I finished up my entire product!  However, I decided to try out Rimmel Stay Matte's powder when I ran out of the Balm's Sexy Mama to save myself $19.  It was shocking to see how amazing the Rimmel powder is.  It was just as oil-absorbing as my Balm powder.  The only negative with this is that the packaging is quite cheap, but for price and quality, it's packaging can easily be overlooked.

The last dupe is benefit's They're Real! Mascara.  This mascara is fantastic and I find myself reaching for it very often, I have no regrets buying it.  However, is it really worth $23?  Instead, you can save around $15 by buying Maybelline's Falsies mascara.  It does an even better job of holding a curl and lengthening and separating my lashes than benefit.  Falsies is one of my favorite mascaras and I recommend it over benefit's They're Real.

Well, that's it for my money-saving post.  I hope you try out some of these products and save a few dollars!  Have a great day!

xoxo Francesca

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