Saturday, December 29, 2012

Get Beautiful, Shiny Hair!

Hi girlies!  Today's post is going to be super quick yet very informative.  Sometimes in the winter months, hair can become dull and lose it's shine.  A quick and simple way to restore the shine is before getting out of the shower while the conditioner is still in your hair, turn the faucet to cold and then rinse out the conditioner in the cold.  Although it may be uncomfortable (cold showers in the winter?!), it's worth it, I swear!  By blasting your hair with cold water while the conditioner is still in, it seals your hair follicles and locks in the moisture from the conditioner.  Once your hair dries, you will notice a difference in shine as well as texture; your hair will be much silkier.

That's all for today!  I hope all of your holidays were relaxing, healthy, and fun.  Also, New Years is coming up!  Comment down below if you've already made your resolutions!

xoxo Francesca

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