Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Statement Headbands!

Hello ladies!  I'm here to tell you all about a new trend that I personally am in LOVE with: statement headbands!  I absolutley love headbands and always find myself accessorizing with them.  When wearing such a funky headband, make sure to keep your outfit and makeup at a minimal.  Headbands are a very elegant and classy way to dress up a simple outfit.  All the headbands I'm wearing in these pictures were purchased at local boutiques but you should have no problem finding ones similar to them at stores near you.


One way to wear headbands is with a fishtail or side braid!  Fishtails and side braids are such an interesting hairstyle on their own that you have to keep your headband simple so it isn't too much.  I paired my fishtail braid with a simple, orange bow headband.  I got this one at a local boutique but bows like this are easy to find!  Keep your eye open for one next time you go to the mall or to a store near you.  You could even make your own if you don't have any luck!


If you have straight hair, you can wear a headband as big and crazy as you want!  Straight hair is so simple and beautiful that a giant flower like I'm wearing looks perfect!  The rule about wearing minimal makeup and simple clothes especially applies when wearing a headband like this one.  Make sure when wearing a statement headband that it's the boldest thing you are wearing.

If you have curly hair like I do, then bow headbands are perfect for you!  Curly hair is bold on it's own, and a simple bow headband is the perfect accessory.  It's noticeable without overshadowing your beautiful curls.  Make sure that the bow isn't too big or it can be a little too much.  Another headband that goes great with curly hair is a small, round flower.  Rounded shapes on headbands look amazing with curly hair because they fit in with the curls' naturally round shape.


This last few headbands are great for when you're wearing your hair up.  It's perfect people who are having a bad hair day and just feel like throwing their hair up in a ponytail!  When wearing your hair up, headbands that wrap around your head look best, headbands with the metal bar that stops behind your ears looks better with hair that is down.  When wearing a headband with your hair up, make sure that it isn't big like the headband for straight hair.  With your hair pulled back, a big bow or flower can look out of place and goofy.  Save the really big headbands for when your hair is straightened.  Smaller ones are much more flattering and elegant with pulled back hair.  Here are a few pictures of different headband types that look best with your hair up!

Let me know in the comments below if you like any of these looks or have tried them out! Talk to you all soon and have an amazing day!

xoxo Francesca :)


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