Monday, June 25, 2012

Erase Your Shiny Face!

Hello ladies!  I apologize for not posting in a while.  Just as Audrey, Kristin, and Landon have already explained, I've been very stressed with finals.  I had finals last week and the week before and I needed all the time I could have to study.  But school is finally out and summer is here so expect to see more posts from me!

As glad as I am to see the summer here, this hot weather definitely takes a toll on me.  My already oily skin becomes a million times more oily.  I can be very self conscious about my skin and the oil only highlights my imperfections and draws attention to my face.  I'm going to let you girls in on my secrets to keeping my face looking fresh and as matte as possible.  Since this is a looooong article, I suggest using the pictures to skip around and to read what applies to you!

The first step to keeping your makeup on all day and looking matte is to use a primer.  Primers act as a base for your makeup so it gives it something to hold on to.  They prevent anything you put on your face from sliding off when your skin becomes oily.  Primers alone will help control oil and sometimes they're all I will apply if I'm in a rush and don't have time for anything else.  Some of my favorite primers that I swear by are the pop face magnet primer and the Smashbox primers.  I have two Smashbox primers, the Color Correcting balances out redness while reducing oil and the Photo Finish Light keeps skin refreshed and matte.  I wear all three of these equally and can't pick a favorite!

Another way to keep your skin matte is to use an oil absorbing foundation or tinted moisturizer.  My favorite tinted moisturizer that I SWEAR by is the Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer.  I love this stuff!  Now, you might think something with the name "Moisture Surge" would make your skin look greasy.  How can adding moisture to your already oily skin make you look matte?  I wonder the same thing!  While this product is very hydrating, it does not make my skin oily at all and keeps my oil under control all day while providing light coverage for my skin.  This stuff is great and I have a back up in my closet because I'm almost all out!  Another product I love is the Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Foundation.  Foundation... in the summer, really?  Yes!  This stuff is so light it feels like next to nothing on your skin.  It absorbs oil so well and keeps skin looking matte all day.

Powder is another way to keep your skin looking matte.  Dust on as much powder as needed after applying your makeup and as a touch up during the day.  I've tried many different powders from many different brands, but have narrowed it down to my top two.  My first powder pick is the Bare Escentuals Redness Remedy.  It is a loose, yellow tinted powder that absorbs oil while reducing any redness.  I find that this stuff really mattefies my face and keeps it that way all day.  I also love the Balm's Sexy Mama Translucent Powder.  I use this stuff all the time because not only does it absorb oil great, but it's convenient because it's pressed!

Finish up your look with a spritz of a setting spray.  This is the step that makes the biggest difference.  When I use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, my face is matte.  If I had to throw away all my makeup but keep one thing, this is what I would keep.  This stuff seriously makes my face shine-free without drying it out.  It's also perfect for those 90 degree days because it instantly wakes you up and refreshes your face.  I use about three to four sprays of this and I'm good to go.

Well, there you have it!  Those are all my sparkly little secrets to keeping my face matte all day long.  Make sure to carry blotting pads in your pocket to touch up throughout the day and be sure to check out Landon's latest post where she shares a few of her tips for matte skin!  While all of these tips work well for me, my face still gets oily even after using these products.  However, by using these products, the amount of oil is greatly reduced and I find myself needing to touch up less.  Let me know if this article helped you at all and if you tried out any of these tips!  Feedback is greatly appreciated!  Also let me know in the comments if there are any future posts you'd like to see.  Stay matte!

xoxo Francesca :)


  1. Could you do a post possibly on how to get rid of unwanted facial hair? I love you blog but I can't find a way to get rid of it. Love you guys!

    1. Hi Elisa! Thanks for checking out our blog! <3 I don't have much of a problem with facial hair but some of my friends do so I know how you feel! Here's a link to another blog post that might help you out. Sorry we weren't much help with this!!