Sunday, April 15, 2012

About Francesca

Hello everyone!  I’m Francesca; a makeup loving, fun and friendly, smiling, dancing teen.  I’m a total makeup junkie, and I love trying out new products and looks!  Makeup is something I really enjoy doing on myself and on others, but for me, I feel like it is more than just a hobby!  Makeup is my passion.  It can give anyone a little confidence boost!  Just one little coat of mascara can be that one thing that pushes you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.  Makeup gives me a little more confidence and makes me feel put together and beautiful.  A light hand and a few magic products are all you need to brighten your look.
Although I appreciate a good makeover, I truly believe that beauty comes from within.  You will never be truly beautiful on the outside unless you are beautiful on the inside.  Being kind and respectful to others can turn someone pretty into someone beautiful.  Makeup may help hide any physical imperfections, but it can’t hide an ugly heart.  Remember that makeup can only hide imperfections to an extent, and being the best person possible is the only way to be truly beautiful.

About Me:
Hair: Thick, dark brown, and Curly
Skin: Oily, olive colored
Eyes: Brown

xoxo Francesca :)

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